Pet Care

Summer Essentials: Protecting your pet against Fleas and Ticks


Calling out to all pet-parents! It is summer time, which can only mean one thing – the insect rebellion is about to be unleashed on our pets.  As the weather starts getting warmer, the humidity levels rise, which makes the weather conducive for the breeding of ticks and fleas, that eventually latch on to the coats of our pets.

The extent of damage that these small pests can cause is often underestimated. These parasites can spread diseases to pets as well as pet-parents alike. So, the next time you’re snuggling into bed with your little furball, you’ll want to ensure he’s flea-free!

If we’re going to war against these pesky blood suckers, we’re going to need a strategy. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to keep them at bay.

1. Coat that coat

It is all about the coat of armor or in this case, the coat of fur. Give your pet a good rub of a repellent spray, or bathe them in shampoos that have the formulae developed to keep the problems at bay.

Fact: Adult fleas live on your pet, and the females lay up to 50 eggs in a day, so it is essential to get them out of the fur as soon as possible! Once you apply a coating of something like Out! Natural Flea & Tick spray; comb out their fur with a flea comb to ensure you’ve got them all out.

2. Give your home a scrubbing

Isn’t it just adorable when your pet hides under the furniture when you’re chasing them round the house or playing? Well, your pet is not the only one hiding there! The eggs form fleas and ticks that hatch fall off the coat and linger within the house. These eggs grow into larvae that crawl into cool, dark places away from the light. They even go deep into the carpet or between cracks in the flooring. It is super important to keep these spaces regularly cleaned and vacuumed when you have a pet. Get yourself the Ultrasonic Flea and Tick Repeller, which repels the pests by emitting an ultrasonic sound.

Fact: It is easier to get rid of Adult Fleas and the eggs they hatch. Household cleaning supplies have no effect on these fleas when they go into a cocoon.

3. Do your laundry!

Mark this day on your calendar and get mentally prepared for a day of hectic cleaning. Wash your pet’s bed linen and your own linen on the same day. Try and align this washing around the time you have disinfected your pet. This way we can eliminate the ticks, the fleas and the eggs that are shed. If you have multiple pets at home, treat them all at the same time, or you may have a permanent pest problem all year round.

Fact: It is cheaper and easier to prevent a tick infestation from happening as opposed to treating it. Get your pet a Tropiclean’s natural tick and flea shampoo and use it from time to time.

While the rising temperatures involve a whole lot of cleaning, once you’re done, it is back to the warm *pest-free* snuggles from your pets! Let your pets roll over on the carpets and run crazy through the park. We wish you and your four-legged partner a carefree, tick-free summer.