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The Indian summers have hit and whether you’ve got two legs or four, you’re probably scurrying around for shelter from the swelter. Picture this: You’re walking towards your refrigerator, with your furry friend in tow. The moment you open the door, your little furball has hopped in to cool off! While you’ve whipped out your phone to capture this adorable moment, you can’t deny the signs that your pet is probably uncomfortable with the heat wave.

Pets are sensitive to temperature. If you can’t handle the heat, your pets can’t handle it either. Make sure you’re paying special attention to them during the summer! While their whiskers droop when the sun goes up, sometimes the signs are a little more pressing. Their legs may get wobbly and they may face fatigue due to the heat. These seemingly minor symptoms may have a big impact on their health and happiness.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, to make sure you have a pawfect summer with your little (or not so little) one:

To trim or not to trim?

Contrary to what your grooming salon tells you, getting rid of your pet’s fur in the summer may not always be the wisest choice. Every breed reacts to the heat differently. Dogs with a double-coat are well equipped to deal with the summer without you shaving them down. On the other hand, others might need a trim to deal with the heat. Not only will this reduce mats and tangles, but it will also help you watch out for ticks and fleas. Summers are prime season for ticks and fleas, so keep tick repellent sprays and shampoos handy.

Keep ‘em cool!

Ensure all walks happen well before the scorching sun takes over the sky or once it starts cooling down in the evening. A rule of thumb – Never leave your pet unattended in a car, even with the windows rolled down.

Hydration is key.

While it’s always important to keep your pets well hydrated, the sweltering hot months call for extra care in this aspect. A simple bowl of water may not be enough; Consider getting a fun and convenient water fountain for your pets. This is especially important for the times you may be away for long hours. Another trait about dogs like bulldogs and pugs that have a shorter snout is that they find it harder to deal with the heat and shake off the humidity. If you notice your dog panting, and their tongue and nose drying up, your dog is dehydrated.

Protect the paws!

Keep their little paws and bellies cool this summer to keep them safe and healthy. If you do not have a baby pool or want to avoid the mess of water, use mats that come lined with cooling gels that will keep your furry friends chilled, both literally and figuratively.

What can we do to make sure their tails keep wagging?

Go beyond checking if their water bowls are filled. After all, the world has come a long way in the pet pampering and pet care department.

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Be Pawsome, always.